Becoming A Member at UUCC

  • To understand and be willing to strive to live by our Unitarian Universalist Principles and our Relational Covenant.
  • To meet with a member of leadership to talk about Unitarian Universalism and what membership means. We have an Orientation Class that meets every few months which is a fun and informative session introducing newcomers to our congregation. 
  • To support the congregation through financial and personal participation and,
  • To sign the membership book.

How to Become a Member
When someone is ready to join, they inform a Board Member or the Membership Chair. A new member is asked to sign the Membership Book, promise to follow our Principles and Covenant, and make a financial pledge of support. Joining can be done any active Sunday in the presence of one of the leaders listed above.  Additionally, we have a special New Member Recognition Ceremony when we welcome all new members who have recently joined.  One can join at that time as well.

Benefits of Becoming a Member
UUCC provides a safe place to explore and share personal and spiritual journeys.
The most important benefit of membership is being a full-fledged member of this liberal religious community with all the personal connections it brings.  
Other benefits include:

  • Joining with UUCC members to make a difference in our community and in the world. There is something to be said for “strength in numbers” in making significant contributions.
  • Being eligible for pastoral care, and stage of life ceremonies such as child dedications, marriages, and memorial services.
  • Being able to vote in UUCC elections, which is the democratic privilege of all members.  Voting includes determining the strategic plan for the congregation, choosing the minister and leadership, deciding the direction of congregational projects, approving budgets, and any important decisions affecting the life and good health of the congregation.
  • A subscription to the Unitarian Universalist’s quarterly publication, UU World.
  • Being able to participate in our ministry as a lay leader.
  • Being able to attend all District and Association events at member prices.

With membership comes some responsibility to participate at various levels of congregational life.  This participation is needed to support our ministry effectively.  Responsibilities are:

  • For your own internal growth, we encourage members to explore UUism, as well as read, take classes, and actively pursue a personal journey of discovery and wholeness.
  • To attend Sunday services and events regularly. We hope everyone will do their best to support the work of our ministry and to support those who work so hard to provide our programs and services.
  • Be a good “steward” of our congregation.
    This means:
    • Sharing time and talents with the work of the congregation We encourage our members to volunteer for tasks that build on their talents and passions such as sharing their abilities in music, teaching, creative projects, organizational skills, computer expertise, etc.   Eventually, when ready, we hope everyone at UUCC will take on some form of leadership suited to them.  However, we understand that people do not join churches to join a committee, so we encourage our newcomers to become involved in the shared ministry of the congregation at their own level of pace, comfort and individual interest.
    • Provide a contribution of your treasures to support the budgetary needs of the congregation.  We rely on pledges to cover our expenses such as salaries, rent,  curriculum for classes, supplies, insurance, and expenses incurred for the various programs throughout the year.  Occasionally, we apply for and are awarded a grant for a specific growth initiative, but this is not a regular part of our income.  Each Spring we conduct a pledge drive for our members to pledge for the next congregational year that will support the new initiatives planned for the upcoming year.  UUCC cannot exist without the generosity of the members and friends that keep us up and running.  We hope that our members and friends appreciate our existence – a spiritual home like no other offered in our area.  And, what the community gives back to us and those whose lives we touch is priceless!