Liz Demulling

Liz Demulling
UUCC Social Justice Coordinator




Southern Maryland Shows Our LGBTQ Pride!

Pride 2018 was a wonderfully successful event! Only the second annual Pride event in Southern Maryland, and participation this year doubled that of last year. The theme this year was “Coming Out,” and Rev. Jenn from Broadview Baptist summed it up: “A part of coming out is not just individual stories, but it is this community united across Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert that is coming out together.” The speakers shared inspirational stories about their coming out experiences to laughter and even a few tears.

We marched from the Solomons Island Riverwalk Pavilion to the end of the boardwalk and then back to the pavilion, chanting and holding signs promoting equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ community. There was even a boat flying a big rainbow flag and following the marchers as we progressed down the boardwalk. After a quick dance party at the Riverwalk Pavilion to Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out,” everyone headed up to the Corbin Pavilion at the Calvert Marine Museum for lunch. Besides hot dogs and veggie burgers provided by the organizers, so many attendees also brought delicious side-dishes to share. It was a real communal effort and quite a feast.

Everyone had a blast and enjoyed getting to know their LGBTQ and allied neighbors. We’re looking forward to an even bigger turnout next year. You won’t want to miss SoMD PRIDE 2019!


UUCC Makes Good Impression at Green Expo 2018

We set up shop at the Green Expo with a green-inspired craft for the kids, some candy and fruit-infused water, and lots of literature and information about being a UU and coming to our services. We received many wonderful compliments on our banner! All day, passers-by would stop to photograph it and would almost always come over to talk with us. There were several people who were very interested in our service details and expressed an intention to come and participate. And there were lots of people who just expressed gratitude that a congregation like ours exists in Calvert County. We don’t have an official tally, but 60 is the estimated number of people directly spoken with. That’s a lot of outreach! The Expo estimates that there were about 275 fair attendees. A huge thanks to all who donated supplies and ideas in preparation for the day, and of course to all the great volunteers who staffed the booth. It was a wonderful success.

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