Speaker: Dr. Michael S. Franch

Dr. Michael S. Franch is an Ethical Culture leader (minister) and Affiliate Minister at First Unitarian Church, Baltimore. A historian by training, he has spent most of his career working with the Maryland Medicaid Program but is retired now. He is also a board member of the Baltimore City Historical Society and of the newly-formed Green Burial Association of Maryland.

Love and Respect

Dr. Michael Franch
Unitarian Universalists are big on the concept of love. We use the motto “Standing on the side of love” (recently changed to “Side with Love”) on tee-shirts and banners. We sing Sally Rogers’ great song, “Love will Guide Us” from our hymn book. We tend to …. Read More

Thoughts on Gratitude

As a certified Old Guy, I often think about people who have been influential in my life. For example, Miss Dorothy Valentine, my junior high art teacher. She wrote the recommendation that helped get me into a summer art program. That fall, I started at the senior high, and never saw Ms. Valentine again. I never told her about what I did that summer, or showed her my ….Read More