UUCC Social Justice History
Our History has established our desire to be a “positive presence in our community… with a deep commitment to social justice and caring for the environment.” Our mission also calls for us to “welcome people of all ages, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation… where we minister to each other and our world by actively living our Unitarian Universalist principles.” Therefore, our vision and mission help us define our social justice programs.
Initially, our UUCC children came up with several types of projects they felt would support our principles and live out our faith in an active way. One of our foundational principles was to be a truly inter-generational congregation, so the adults asked the children to partner with them in doing the social justice projects they identified.

The topics the children focused on were animals, the homeless, feeding the hungry, and the environment. Subsequently, projects in these areas have always drawn our interest. We have also picked up some other causes along our journey together.