How To Pray Even If (or Especially If) You’re Not So Down with that God Thing

The title pretty much says it all. I’ll just add, it can be done. Very effectively. A slightly different (or maybe bigger than slightly) take on prayer.
This coming Sunday, May 5: How can an atheist pray? Or a non-theist? Well, they can (and some do), and can find it surprisingly helpful. We’ll dip our toes into prayer without words, and we’ll do one that might even become a regular practice for some. We’ll toss out fundamentalist prayer, and by that I mean UU fundamentalist prayer. We’ll bring in imagination, our “right brains,” and a smidge of neuroscience. This is prayer without supernaturalism (for me personally, Nature is ultimate and there’s no contravening it). I think everyone will find some place in this service and sermon. You might even find an inner Wise Self, a reliable friend.