Love and Respect

Unitarian Universalists are big on the concept of love. We use the motto “Standing on the side of love” (recently changed to “Side with Love”) on tee-shirts and banners. We sing Sally Rogers’ great song, “Love will Guide Us” from our hymn book. We tend to be “All You Need is love” type people. Love is certainly a good thing, but I’m not sure that urging people to love offers much guidance. I’ve been wondering lately whether we’d accomplish more if we talked about respect. Respect calls for action – we show respect. We don’t even have to feel respect (although it helps) to show a person respect. Let’s think about this together on Sunday March 10th at 10:30am.

Dr. Michael S. Franch is an Ethical Culture leader (minister) and Affiliate Minister at First Unitarian Church, Baltimore. A historian by training, he has spent most of his career working with the Maryland Medicaid Program but is retired now. He is also a board member of the Baltimore City Historical Society and of the newly-formed Green Burial Association of Maryland.