The Challenge to Love

 Dr. Thompson is best known as “Rev. Alice” among the Calvert Medical Health Center’s patients, staff and community. She is the Pastoral Care Director/ Pastoral Coordinator. She has provided instructions on end of life care at Duke University Institute on Care at the End of Life and the Washington DC Area Geriatric Education Center Consortium at George Washington University. She completed the Undergraduate Degree Program at Trinity University and fulfilled her Masters and Doctoral Degree requirements at Howard University. Rev. Alice also served as pastor of the Covenant Christian Community.

She loves the sacredness of words and engages poetics in her work as a certified biblio/poetry therapy facilitator and is Chair of the Diversity Committee for the National Association of Poetry Therapy (NAPT). She is a member of various pastoral care organizations. Her anchor can be found in the old hymn, “We Have Come Thus Far by Faith.” She has committed herself to providing the truth about the African-American journey and has a private Africa-American Collection of historical artifacts. The collection has received recognition several times in the Washington Post.