Hate, Violence, and Trauma: Talking with Children

By UUA Ministries and Faith Development: Faith Development Office Hateful, violent rallies of white supremacists are news we cannot ignore. As with the 2016 killings in an Orlando, Florida nightclub; the 2015 murders in a Charleston, South Carolina black church; the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing; and school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and so many other places, one need not have been present at the scene in Charlottesville to feel unnerved, angry, or shaken.Similarly, one need not have directly suffered from Hurricane Harvey in Houston or Katrina in New Orleans to be frightened, angered, or upset by nature’s power to cause harm.

For UUs, action is a valid response. At the same time, as parents and caregivers we must also find ways to help our children emotionally and spiritually process what is happening in and outside our communities. Faith development is enhanced when action is grounded in understanding. Please use these resources to help yourself, your family, and others. SEE MORE