Dr. Bob Clegg

Date(s) - 25/09/2022
10:30 am

700 Yardley Dr, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Topic: The Rehabilitation of Ahab

The authors of the Hebrew Bible portrayed King Ahab of Israel in almost mythical terms. As foil for the great prophet Elijah, Ahab comes off as a spineless loser and tool in the hands of his evil wife, Jezebel. Recent archeological digs and comparisons to ancient Assyrian inscriptions reveal Ahab not only as a real person, but also a strong military leader, shrewd diplomat, and statesman. The world view and context of Judean historians, who inaccurately reported Ahab’s life story 200+ years afterward, differed markedly from Ahab’s. This week, we’ll consider “ancient cancel culture,” with applications to our own thinking and choices.