All Visitors are Welcome
  Our Religious Faith and Values

  • We are a progressive faith tradition called to respond to the larger life we share here in Southern Maryland and throughout the world. 
  • We treasure religious thoughts, ideas, questions, and imagination. We honor diverse understandings of God and the Holy.
  • Knowing how much our lives intertwine we strive to live through right relations and practice justice. We care about the quality of life we share on our planet Earth, home to us all.
  • We believe in the universal power of love, as it transcends all boundaries of religion, culture, class, race and gender.
  • We believe that peace is possible.
  • We are thankful people.

If you would like to be added to our Members & Friend Directory, please email your first and last Names, children’s Names,  Address, Phone Number, and email address to: Let us know if you would like name badges made up for you and your family. If you don’t want to be in the directory, but you still want name badges, let us know what town you live in.

It is not necessary to be a member, for you to be listed in the directory, and, first time visitors may allow the offering basket pass until such time as they are attending regularly and wish to contribute.

Before our service begins, we usually ask those who are visiting us for the first time to stand and introduce themselves if they wish. We want to insure that visitors have an opportunity to speak with someone who can answer any questions they may have during our social time.

If you are unsure what Unitarian Universalism is, please visit this  UU Tube Page video. There are many informative UU testimonials on this page.