Category: Social Justice

UUCC Addresses Calvert’s Annapolis Delegation

The Calvert County League of Women Voters hosted their annual Legislative Evening tonight. This is an event which provides local organizations and citizens the opportunity to address their elected representatives to Annapolis directly. Several groups arrived to share with the Calvert Delegation their legislative priorities … read more.

UUCC Helps Preserve Burial Site

A group from the UUCC spent several hours this weekend cleaning up the Serenity Farms Historic Burial Grounds. The site was discovered in 2012 and archeologists excavated and researched to determine that the occupants of these unmarked graves were all likely enslaved people of African … read more.

Southern Maryland Shows Our LGBTQ PRIDE

Pride 2018 was a wonderfully successful event! Only the second annual Pride event in Southern Maryland, and participation this year doubled that of last year. The theme this year was “Coming Out,” and Rev. Jenn from Broadview Baptist summed it up: “A part of coming … read more.