Renee Yuengling

In late 2015 I returned to the United States from 3 years in France- I quickly found a lovely house on the Bay in Calvert County. As a lifelong Unitarian I knew that I would not be happy in a place where I couldn’t find other liberal minded people working for good in the world. Before I would put an offer on my house, I had to make sure there was a Unitarian congregation in the vicinity- because I knew if I could find Unitarians, I could live in this place. It was finding UUCC and knowing that “my tribe” was in the neighborhood that allowed me to finally purchase my house and know I was home. I love this community- and UUCC is a big part of that.

Jane Crawford

I grew up in a military life. We lived on military bases most of the time. Church was based on only three religions, Judaism, Catholicism and Protestant. I had questions that never really got answered. How could God condemn so many people that weren’t of the Christian faith? How could Paul have the impression of Women he did? I just couldn’t believe in a vengeful God. I have had these questions since I was ten and studying the bible. The older I got the more I believed that Man was responsible for Humanity and the Earth.

Getting married in church was the last time I went to church and that’s been over 40 years. My husband had the same beliefs. He believed he was an atheist. He never found the Unitarian Universalist religion. He died in 2007. In 2010, I found the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Chesapeake. I found my religion. The Congregation is worm and accepting of all people. They live what they believe.

Liz Demulling

“I grew up with a church family. There was always a strong network of love and support. But as I aged and learned, I found my faith evolving to a point where I felt I didn’t belong in any church. Finding the UUCC has been such a blessing. It’s just what I was in need of: a place where everyone walks their own spiritual path while surrounded by an encouraging and supportive church family. It’s not our common faith that binds us together, but our common respect for faith, love, and kindness. I am so happy to have found the UUCC”.

Joe Sutton

“I had all but given up on church. I always felt out of place when my knowledge or beliefs didn’t fully align with the church I was in. I felt like a fraud, so I strayed away from the church and religion. Then I found UUCC. My beliefs weren’t the same as everyone else’s, but that was OK and even encouraged. It was OK that certain pieces of the religious narrative were things that I just couldn’t bring myself to believe. What spoke to me was our common desire to come together and do good things for our community and the world, and to respect and honor other individuals.”

Holly Burnham

“What I love about UUCC is how supportive the community is. No matter where you are on your spiritual, emotional, or intellectual journey, the people at UUCC will listen, encourage and support you along the way. Also, we respect our differences and learn from each other. You can be yourself but hear other perspectives too, and know that others are benefiting from your experience.”