UUCC was formed in 2007 after an organizing meeting of twenty-three individuals that summer in St. Mary’s County. The first service was held on the lawn of a couple living in Calvert County on Labor Day Sunday, 2007. UUCC called its first minister, part-time, that same month. After a year of intense visioning and creating the organization and foundational documents, UUCC obtained its charter with the Unitarian Universalist Association in the summer, 2008. During that year, we received a grant for start-up assistance and grew to 36 members with around a dozen children. And, UUCC also hired a Religious Education Coordinator for the RE Program. UUCC’s Social Justice Program kicked off with projects and partnering with the Safe Nights Homeless Program, the Wildlife Rescue Center and the Legislative Ministry of Maryland. The congregation met in St. Mary’s County until it moved to Calvert County in 2012.